Vitamin O: Supporting Organizer Well-Being

I’ll organize you! by Noelle Janka
September 12, 2008, 7:40 pm
Filed under: general awesomeness

: to arrange by systematic planning and united effort

Welcome! This blog has been created as a forum for those who dedicate their lives to change, be it social, environmental, political or otherwise. The idea stemmed from a conversation I had with a fellow organizer about combating the loneliness that we often face as professional organizers who spend a lot of time on the road.

Saul Alinsky wrote in Reveille for Radicals, “The organizer in order to be part of all can be part of none.” As organizers, we work with all kinds of people all day long but then at the end of the day, there isn’t always someone there to debrief with, someone who knows exactly where you’re coming from.  We realized that dialogue between organizers, specifically about the lifestyle of organizing, can be super refreshing. So here we are.

The hope is that this can be a place to share ideas about making this lifestyle work. Most of us in the change-making world aren’t super well paid and don’t have a shit-ton of friends or family members who actually get what we do. Why not talk about it?

What are your favorite cheap, yummy recipes? What’s the last sweet book or magazine you read? Favorite nerdy political blog? What do you do when you’re sleeping on your 4th couch in a month and all you want is warm body to snuggle with?

Please share. Post at will. Leave comments and suggestions.  And yes, I recognize that you’re all busy but maybe this can become a good, healthy excuse to not work for 5 minutes.  : )

Soon to come:

Keeping in touch, and I don’t mean via Facebook; Vegan Sweet Potato Burritos; Fun finds from the Election Craziness

Here is a great anti-McCain video courtesy of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund


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Thanks for making this Noelle! Sweet idea… I’ll be sure to contribute fun things as they come up.

Comment by Stone

I’ve been worried about despair recently. How the politics of resentment seem to be working really gets under my skin. I’m having dreams of babies left in open fields with the rain pouring down on them; I’m daydreaming while biking home about getting yelled at/hit by drivers and taking out my U-lock to smash some windows; I have a barely constrained urge to yell FUCK YOU at the people who I think are saying it back to me; I’ve lost my sense of humor here and there. Wonkette can’t cheer me up. I read the Harold in the lunch room and avoid Howie Carr, that lovable imp of retardedness, and instead read the sports section, even tho baseball is boring, the Brady’s Knee coverage is suffocating and basketball hasn’t started yet (go Oden!). You know what I mean? I’m losing some perspective.

What I really want is someone older than I to say “Hey. It always feels this way this time of year! And, yeah, everyone goes on a run. Just wait until the debates.” But I wonder if I’d really listen. I was a guy all in 04, day after day reading why we were gunna win.

Sorry this is such a downer! I need some punk in my organizer vitamins. At the very least: there is the work. You just do the work.

/outie to go shoot some puppies or something

Comment by JeanClaudeJamBand

oh, well we’ve always got this:

Comment by JeanClaudeJamBand

Crap! That didn’t seem to work, now did it?

Comment by JeanClaudeJamBand

Me voilà terriblement enervée.J’ai retenu François Hollande aux présidentielles seulement parce que je voulais croire ai changement tel qu’il était proposé et à la conception d’une équipe gouvernementale irréprochable. Quelle trahison de découvrir que François Hollande choisi en premier ministre Jean Marc Ayrault, qui n’est clairement pas irréprochable. Ce monsieur a tout de même était condamné à 6 mois de prison pour acte de favoritisme ! Quelle déception….

Comment by Marlène Bastillette

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