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When The Election is Getting You Down, Why Not Cook, Eat and Bitch? by Noelle Janka
September 14, 2008, 8:15 pm
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If you’re anything like me, you like organizing a good potluck as much as you like a good action or media event.

McCain is pulling ahead in the polls and we all want to hurl. Instead of moping, reading scary articles and doom and gloom blog entries on Sundays, why not plan your post -election relocation plans with your favorite cohorts over some yummy goodness?

As outlined in David Zinczenko’s Eat This, Not That (the non-diet book that apparently helps you look like a model, if you already work out a lot) there are food remedies to everything- bloating, sleeplessness, depression and even stress. Red peppers and spinach can apparently make you happier. Good to know. Zinczenko also outlines eight foods you’re supposed to eat everyday. Its not totally vegan, but its not a bad list:

Spinach, yogurt, tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, black beans, walnuts and oats

There are subs for all these listed in the book too, i.e. you can sub arugula for spinach and sweet potatoes for carrots. This list helps me standardize my grocery store visits but it also helped me validate one of my favorite potluck treats, SWEET POTATO BURRITOS!

(If you’re serving these for a potluck, the other dishes at the table need not be super filling. Recommend salads, desserts and beverages to the other attendees.)

Originally inspired by that at Carrburritos in Chapel Hill, NC, this is the recipe that has grown out of much experimentation. Hold the cheese and they’re vegan, bitches!

1. Bake sweet potatoes. (Bigs ones take forever. Keep that in mind when you’re acquiring them. Three big ones or five little ones can make up to eight burritos, depending on how much SP you add.) Mash SPs with some milk and butter (I usually just use soy milk because its what I have around, but everything works and tastes good).

2. Make some bean awesomeness.  Combine black beans, kidney beans, white beans, scallions, red onions, garlic, cumin, chili powder, salt and anything else you like. Mash into a dip-like consistency. If you have a Cusinart, put half in there, then mix that with the chunky half for some rad texture.

3. Sautee some spinach in your favorite oil (olive, sunflower, whatever is around). I like to add red pepper flakes to the oil to give it a little kick.

4. Throw these things together in a tortilla with your favorite salsa- or add tomatoes, cilantro and hot sauce to the mixture(s) in a way that makes sense to you. This is also a good time to add cheese and/or sour cream if you so desire.

5. Rolling your tortilla: Don’t put in too much yumminess. Fold the sides in first, pull the bottom flap over the mountain of goodness and roll the whole thing over. Ideally this method means less tortilla rippage. Either way, napkins/towels are a good idea. You can bake some finished burritos before dinner, or have folks make them as they like. They are good warm or cold.

Woo hoo! Best case scenario- everyone loves them and thinks you rule.

Other fun things about potlucks:

– they can be a great time to bitch but also a good opportunity to be positive and share new things. Peeps at the Harbinger House in Columbus, Ohio have everyone share something they’ve learned since the last potluck.

– they can be great for getting together to watch speeches, debates and movies. just pick a host house with good seating and viewing accomodations

– they can be good planning sessions (also good for team building), campaign celebrations or volunteer appreciation events

– If you host, you might get a lot of yummy leftovers. Lunch for the week, score!